Badger Bits: Bielema names 2012 team captains

Senior Shelton Johnson (24) returns to UW not only as a starting safety, but as a team captain as well.

At every football game, players from each team make their way to midfield for the obligatory coin toss. These men are chosen, not based merely by their on-field performances, but because they represent their team well as leaders in the locker room.

Head coach Bret Bielema announced the Badgers' team captains for this season via Twitter (which is becoming a recent trend of his) late Tuesday night.

The newest group of team captains at UW includes four seniors (offensive tackle Ricky Wagner, running back Montee Ball, linebacker Mike Taylor, safety Shelton Johnson) and two juniors (center Travis Frederick, linebacker Chris Borland). It surely wasn't difficult for Bielema to find six players on his roster suitable for the roles, given their past successes and respect from teammates.

It's not necessarily a negative, but these are captains better known for leading by example than by their voices. I agree with Bielema's selections and fully anticipate the players to represent UW-Madison and the Badgers well. With that said, there are multiple times throughout a season where teams need vocal leaders to take charge when things go into disarray.

I think we'll see players like Ball, who have been more reserved in the past, step up well in a new leadership role this season. And they weren't named captains, but still look for other upperclassmen like Jared Abbrederis and Danny O'Brien to assert themselves in captain-like roles as well.

Wednesday's Links:

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It appears backup quarterbacks Curt Phillips and Joel Stave are handling the backseat roles to Danny O'Brien well.

O'Brien fits the Wisconsin QB mold well. His ability to limit errors makes him the right man for the job.

Who's flying under the radar in the Big Ten this year?

Never doubt the man. Russell Wilson will be starting for the Seattle Seahawks in their next preseason game!

Ken Werner takes being a Badger fan to strange extremes. For that, he deserves your vote in the ESPN/StubHub Hall of Fans voting over the next 10 days.

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