Badger Bits: Free Montee Ball!

Montee Ball was ticketed on Mifflin this weekend. Unfortunately for him, being the biggest name on campus means having to deal with microscopic attention for mundane things.

Montee Ball was arrested over the weekend for trespassing on someone's porch at Mifflin. Well, kind of arrested. I don't know really know when "arrested" begins. It seems like getting handcuffs slapped on you is a good start, but the State Journal and the Journal Sentinel went with "cited" and "ticketed," respectively, so I guess I can roll with that. He didn't spend any time in jail. He did pay a $429 fine. MPD hands out $429 fines like Skittles. I know this because I'm an idiot.

This is a story because this is a blog that covers Wisconsin sports and Ball is a highly relevant public figure in our tight-knit sphere and thus it is our sworn duty to write about everything he does especially if we can fit the words DRINKING and MIFFLIN and POLICE in close proximity to his name. This seemed like such a juicy story when it broke, and you could see the local presses gearing up to hunker down for some good old-fashioned, non-stop scandal-ing. The State Journal threw up "RAW VIDEO:", all caps, in preface to some footage of Ball looking mildly peeved at, you know, dealing with cops instead of having good times with friends and junk.

Then it came to light that Ball wasn't really doing a whole lot boozing, and as yet there is no indication that he was particularly disrespectful to anyone. He certainly didn't give the cops any guff. The video shows them putting him on a bus with the handcuffs still on which seems odd. I wish someone would address that. Did the cops pay the fare? Did Ball swipe his card with his teeth?

Anyway, the bad news is that Ball may have to endure some kind of early-morning punishment, and we will have to endure this story again next fall when broadcasts need something to talk about. The good news is that I think this puts Wisconsin on the board for the Fulmer Cup. It would be terribly embarrassing to be shut out this offseason. Street cred is the gust of wind that stokes the flames of a Run to Roses and championships, etc. Too much and the fire goes out, obviously. I just made that up by the way and in no way should you pay attention to it.

Final thought: Being famous would blow.

Links After The Jump:

For what it's worth, Ball apologized for the incident over Twitter:

In sports-related sports news, ESPN has Wisconsin ranked No. 16 on College Football Live's preseason Top 25. Kirk Herbstreit and Co. do a nice eight-plus minute roundtable breakdown of the Badgers.

More college football playoff stuff. OTE holds a potluck to discuss the proper format, schedule, logistics, etc., of a four-team playoff. Chadnudj nicely sums up why holding semifinals anywhere BUT campus sites is ludicrous.

Tom Oates also throws his hat in the ring, advocating campus sites, a selection committee, and taking the top four teams regardless of whether or not they won their conference. I still feel icky about that last part but I get the system is still going to kind of suck no matter what happens.

Wisconsin basketball lost Sheldon Jeter to Vanderbilt, possibly giving Zak Showalter a chance to earn a scholarship.

Former UW cross country national champion Chris Solinsky is bowing out of the London Olympics due to his slow progress coming back from hamstring surgery.

Wrapping up: Class of 2013 linebacker Alex Anzalone decommitted from Ohio State over the weekend after he found out he accidentally hob-nobbed with a convicted sex offender during a visit. Land-Grant Holy Land has lots more details on this bizarre story. Go here if you're just getting started.

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