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Bret Bielema Week 6 Press Conference Is Live

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Bielema on protocol for trading game film

"There is a protocol," Bielema said, noting he got "all kinds of questions prior to the Oregon State game."

The question was obviously about this weekend's Ohio State-Michgian State issue, but Bielema said, "I have no idea about that situation. [Director of Athletic Communications] Brian [Lucas] gave me a heads up because somebody might ask me the question."

"What's kind of neat in our conference, we immediately put film [online]. Even in non-conference games."

With this season's new onside kick rule, Bielema said he's been "very interested" in how teams lineup for kicks at the ends of games.


Bielema: Stave benefited from watching Wilson

"Just talking with people around Joel before he came here -- he's very competitive and all that goes into that -- but you learn a lot by watching the people in front of you."

Bielema added that Stave also benefited from watching Scott Tolzien in 2010. A big help for such a young player.


Bielema on differences in Illinois

Offensively: "When Nathan Scheelhaase is in there... it's a spread offense that tries to outnumber you at times to the field or to the boundary, create numbers in spacing."

Defensively: Probably a little different than last year, probably bring more pressure.

"Schemes are easy to identify, but what [changes] in a coaching transition, all the things that you don't really know until critical moments."


Bielema: "Joel really got rocked on that play"

Bielema in explanation of O'Brien entering late. He said you can't "second guess" any decision like that. You'd like Joel to get rid of the ball earlier, added that he submitted the intentional grounding play to the Big Ten since Stave was being pulled down from behind and couldn't really throw it.

"You couldn't have asked for a better start," Bielema said of Stave's game.

Indeed, Montee Ball did not expect to get the ball on that last play. Bielema stated that he feels extra bad about it since Ball is known for his sure hands.


Bielema on an Illinois border battle

"Just during my time here, we didn't play them for a little bit. So that probably took a little from [the border battle]. I never had a chance to coach against coach Beckman, but I knew Coach Zook."

Bielema added there's a lot of respect for the Illini, especially given how the Badgers recruit against them.


Opening Comments: Bielema names Weekly MVPs

Bielema named the following players Wisconsin's MVPs for Week 5:

Bielema also said trainers "felt good" about DE Brendan Kelly playing on Saturday. There's also a "very good chance" at getting S Shelton Johnson back.

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