The B1G Ten Football season can't get here quick enough !

Hi Gang !


Well , it's a Friday morning in the middle of what I'd call the longest summer of my sports loving life .

Baseball is middling along with little or no fanfare , the NFL lockout has robbed us of any buzz we might be feeling about free agents and rookies reporting to camps and the only thing really getting my blood up is the US Womens soccer team .

With Nebraska on board now and some of the big story lines in the Big Ten , I AM READY FOR SOME BIG TEN FOOTBALL !

I'd really like to hear from you guys what you think will happen this year in the Big Ten .

Will Wisky ride the rocket of hype and power to a another Big Ten title and beyond ?

Will Nebraska come in and be the new "sherrif" on the block and force it's will on the rest of the Conference ?

Will Ohio St fold under the weight of scandle , player and coach losses , and media pressure ?

Can Mich St show the consistancy it needs to stay on top with that talented returning cast ? Not nearly enough national love going to that bunch...yet

How about Illinios and Penn St ? Teams by all accounts on the come that will face some serious non conference tests , and then some battle tested , veteran Big Ten teams along the way .

How are things going to shake out with Brady Hoke and the Wolverines ? maybe the best recruiting class in the Conference ( thank you OSU! ) Can Michigan find enough defense to stay with the league favorites . We know Denard will be giving people fits again , new offense or not !

What about Northwestern ? I have a lot of love for PF and what he's done there , but will it be enough to be a player at the end of the day ?

Iowa , Jeckle and Hyde.. With their last 4 against Michigan , Mich St , at Purdue ( better get that one ) and at Nebraska , can they avoid yet anouther late season collapse and stay in the running to the end ?

Indiana and Purdue . Can you guys put together one team and be competitive ? That might not be fair but these teams will likely be in over their heads again this year..Will they trip one of the big boyz up and send some ripples through the conference standings ?

Lots of questions , AND I WANT ANSWERS !!

I have my opinions which I'll share along the way , but lets hear from your guys !

September 1st it all starts rolling , and it can't get here fast enough !

Have a great weekend !



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