Wilson won't take part in war of words

Russell Wilson doesn't want to engage in a war of words. He'd prefer to let his play on the field do the talking.

MADISON, Wis. - While the Michigan State Spartans might be trying to start a war of words with the Wisconsin Badgers, quarterback Russell Wilson did not take the bait in his only media appearance Monday.

Spartan safety Isaiah Lewis told ESPN.com after the Michigan game Saturday that their defense will be coming after Wilson and the Wisconsin offense.

"[They] should just know our defense is coming," Lewis said. "And just like any other team, if they're throwing the ball up, our DBs are going to go get it, our linebackers are going to go get it and our lineman are getting after the quarterback. And they're going to hurt him."

When asked about Lewis' comments, Wilson was quick to deflect them. He echoed Bret Bielema's earlier comments that his team will let their pads do the talking between the whistles.

"I think the games are won on the field," Wilson said. "That's the main thing; it's by our preparation during the week, it's by the extra film [time] that we put in. Everything that you do during the week really helps you prepare for the game."

"You know, every defense is trying to go for the quarterback. I think the main thing is just playing great football, executing our offense, and doing the things that we need to do to win."

Wilson will need to show that same kind of poise on Saturday night in Spartan Stadium, where the Badgers will play their first true road game of the season. But even though he's new to the Big Ten, Wilson thinks he'll be mentally prepared to play in a tough environment.

"I visualize a lot," Wilson said. "So when I'm preparing during the week, especially when I'm playing away, I envision myself being in that stadium. Where the clock is, the first downs, all that stuff I visualize being in that stadium."

"So that prepares me for the game. So I've basically played five games during the week in my mind. We have to play a great game, and it should be fun."

Even if Wilson has visualized playing in Spartan stadium, he knows his team will face some tough challenges when the time comes to play the real game.

"The thing I know is there's going to be adversity," Wilson said. "When you're playing a great team like Michigan State, with a great defense, there's going to be storms. The thing that I have to do and our offense has to do is weather those storms. Just play with confidence, a little bit of a swagger, and play good football."

"This is the reason why I came here. To play great games, to play in big-time venues like Michigan State, so it should be fun."


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