The Badgers From The Past Decade: How'd They Do? Part Four

Part One: Wisconsin vs. Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern, and Ohio State
Part Two: The Teams Wisconsin didn't face as much (Purdue, Michigan State, and Illinois)
Part Three: The Rest of the Big Ten (Michigan, Penn State, and Indiana)
Part Four: Wisconsin's Infamous Nonconference Schedule

This area is rough. Very rough. We have NOT been the greatest in scheduling by any means.

2000, 4-0

vs. Western Michigan, W 19-7
vs. Oregon, W 27-23
vs. Cincinnati, W 28-25
@ Hawaii, W 34-18

2001, 2-2

vs. Virginia, W 26-17
@ #7 Oregon, L 31-28
vs. Fresno State, L 32-20
vs. Western Kentucky, W 24-6

2002, 5-0

vs. Fresno State, W 23-21
@ UNLV, W 27-7
vs. West Virginia, W 34-17
vs. Northern Illinois, W 24-21
vs. Arizona, W 31-10

Wisconsin's 2-6 record in Big Ten play practically necessitated 5 non-conference games.


@ West Virginia, W 24-17
vs. Akron, W 48-31
vs. UNLV, L 23-5 (WTF?!)
vs. North Carolina W 38-27

West Virginia "shared" the Big East Championship with Miami.

2004, 3-0

vs. UCF, W 34-6
vs. UNLV, W 18-3
@ Arizona, W 9-7

Note: Post-2004, no Big Ten team has played only 3 nonconference games in a season

2005, 4-0

vs. Bowling Green, 56-42
vs. Temple, W 65-0
@ North Carolina, W 14-5
@ Hawaii, W 41-24

2006, 4-0

"@" Bowling Green (at Cleveland Browns Stadium), W 35-14
vs. Western Illinois, W 34-10
vs. San Diego State, W 14-0
vs. Buffalo, W 35-3

This was a VERY weak schedule. San Diego State finished 3-9 overall, with all 3 wins coming in MWC play. Bowling Green finished 4-8, and 3-5 in MAC Play (they also got massacred 35-7 in Ohio Stadium at the hands of you-know-who). Buffalo? 2-10. Coupled with a middling FCS Opponent, and you have all the ingredients for an AWFUL SOS.

2007, 4-0

vs. Washington State, W 42-21 (Only game they've played in All-Red Uniforms)
vs. Citadel, W 45-31 (WTF)
vs. Northern Illinois, 44-3 

2008, 4-0

vs. Akron, W 38-17
vs. Marshall, W 51-14
@ #21 Fresno State, W 13-10
vs. Cal Poly SLO, W 36-35 OT (This was a bad, BAD Wisconsin team)

2009, 4-0

vs. Northern Illinois, W 28-20 (The first offensive play of this game for the Badgers was a touchdown)
vs. Fresno State, W 34-31 2OT
vs. Wofford, W 44-14
@ Hawaii, W 51-10

2010, 4-0

@ UNLV, W 41-21
vs. San Jose State, W 27-14
vs. Arizona State, W 20-19 (BAD SPECIAL TEAMS)
vs. Wofford, W 70-3

The common opponents?

UNLV in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, and 2010
Fresno State in 2001, 2002, 2008, and 2009
Northern Illinois in 2002, 2007, and 2008
Hawaii in 2000, 2005, and 2009
West Virginia in 2002 and 2003
North Carolina in 2003 and 2005
Arizona in 2003 and 2004

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