Pre-Rose Bowl and New Year's Day Open Thread

Have fun with this, guys.

My top ten moments from this season:

10. Beating Indiana 83-20. There’s something about beating the **** out of an opponent that, long ago, beat you 63-32 at home that nothing can quite eclipse. Seriously, IU, don’t do that again. EVER.
9. James White’s long TD runs against Michigan State. Yes, we lost the game, but it became quite clear that Wisconsin had something special in the speedster.
8. Montee Ball picking up right where Clay left off in games against Purdue. Clay going down was not good, but Ball’s amazing efforts made it clear who had the best backfield in the conference.
7. Scott Tolzien breaking the Big Ten record for completion percentage in a single season, with 74.3%. Not even Kellen Moore (sorry) was that good. Not even Cam ****ing Newton.
6. Scott Tolzien winning the Unitas Trophy…that was very, very nice.


5. Beating the stuffing out of Minnesota. I was convinced the Badgers were going to have a tough time, but they breezed through the most hated rival and only a pair of garbage time TDs made that game seem close on the scoreboard. 41-23 felt great after 3 unnecessarily close games (2007, 41-34, 2008, 35-32, and 2009, 31-28)
4. John Clay’s second touchdown against Ohio State. The Buckeyes were not built to come back from 21-0. 
3. Scott Tolzien leading the Badgers on their final drive against Iowa…that was a thing of beauty. A senior QB, tkaing the offense in his hands and driving the Badgers down the field for their first win in Iowa City over a ranked Iowa team.
2. Wisconsin fans storming the field after knocking off #1 Ohio State. It happened in 2003 (when we snapped OSU’s 19 game win streak) and it happened again, 7 years later. Terrelle Pryor was never the same.
1. 70-23, the final week of the regular season. Against a team that had beaten us 33-31 the year before in a stupid crazy game in Evanston. What a way to go out on Senior Day. Thanks, John, Gabe, Jay, Bill, Niles, Culmer, Blake, David, Kyle, Isaac, and Scott T. You put in four solid years, and you deserved that as much as anyone.

This was one hell of a regular season for the Badgers, and whether they win or lose the Rose Bowl, nothing, nothing can take away the special place this season has in the hearts of so many Badger fans.

TCU – the final test.


Bring it.


Antonio Fenelus WILL take your turnover, thank you very much...


Consider yourself posterized, Donovan Warren. Nick Toon owned you so hard, he can sue any time an NFL receiver beats you in coverage.


Scott Tolzien pass complete to Isaac Anderson for 80 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Remember?


Denard Robinson is so slippery that Jay Valai had to personally take him down.


This? This is ours. Sorry, Iowa.


This is also ours. Sorry, Minnesota.


Finally, thank you, Scott Tolzien, for displaying incredible leadership when your team badly needed it. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for a spectacular, record-breaking 2010 season.

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