Badger Bits: UW Football Season Tickets Aren't Cheap

If you believe that one can determine the strength of a college football program by how much it costs to be a season ticket holder for that team, then the Wisconsin Badgers are doing just fine. A recent chart on lists the price of the cheapest season ticket price for each FBS football team, and Wisconsin's comes in as the third most expensive in the country at $1,294. Only Ohio State and Notre Dame have more expensive season ticket prices. On the other hand, Illinois's cheapest season ticket costs a mere $77. For your money, would you rather attend 16 seasons of Illinois football or one season of Wisconsin football?

As the chart notes, a $1,000 minimum donation is required to have a chance at buying Wisconsin season tickets. The cheapest season ticket itself is $294. The $1,000 donation does not guarantee the chance to buy tickets, especially since the season ticket renewal percentage this year is 97.5 percent. According to the Wisconsin Athletics donor page, a $2,500 donation has guaranteed the opportunity to buy tickets the past three years. So, the true price of becoming a Wisconsin season ticket holder is probably somewhere between $1,294 and $2,794. As a Wisconsin student, these numbers make me appreciate the opportunity I have to buy a season ticket for only $174!


The Wisconsin softball team has a new head coach. Brett Vigness was hired away from Creighton, where he spent the past 17 seasons as head coach. At Creighton, he racked up numerous Missouri Valley Conference championships as well as seven NCAA Tournament appearances. Vigness replaces Chandelle Schulte, whose contract was not renewed after a disappointing three season stretch in which the Badgers went 51-111.


Former Badger hockey standout Adam Burish has signed a two-year contract with the Dallas Stars. Fresh off of the recent Stanley Cup Finals victory with Chicago, Burish was quoted as saying he wanted to stay with the Blackhawks. However, it appears Burish was not a part of their future plans.

Tweet of the day:

"All y'all can't see me in madden...anyone who want it, get at me!" -Badger wideout Nick Toon, bragging about his level of skill at the video game Madden NFL 10. I wonder if he also plays NCAA Football 10 and throws the ball to himself every play (I know I would).

Tom Oates notes that Wisconsin is a wild card when it comes to how the Big Ten's football divisions are set up. He believes we are one of the few teams in which it's uncertain which division we'll be in, and I agree. Let me start by saying that "axing" the annual rivalry with Minnesota should be off the table. I wouldn't mind losing a yearly game with Iowa if it means that we get to play Ohio State and Michigan every year. But Minnesota needs to be a protected rivalry, no matter what division we end up in.

Another honor for Barry Alvarez? Yawn. Anyways, he and six others will be inducted as the 2010 class to the University of Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame.

That's it for the links. Have a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend everyone!

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