Barry Alvarez to College Hall of ... Flame?

When it was posted on College Football on Yahoo! Sports that Barry Alvarez had made the College Hall of Fame, I admit I was happy. But over the next few days, a pattern emerged.

And it *wasn't* a good pattern.

Several posters proceeded to bash Barry Alvarez, but the real kicker is this: They did not provide any sort of proof for their accusations.

Now, call me crazy, but why on earth would you make that sort of call unless you happen to be deeply connected to the University of Wisconsin's Athletic Department?

NOTE: You may wish to get out Antacids and Maalox before reading comments posted after the jump. Brace yourself: Things are about to get ugly.

The reason - or lack thereof - might be hate. You might hate Barry Alvarez. That's your prerogative, not mine. If you can make a reasoned argument that Barry Alvarez is a horrible human being, than you should make one.

But these people didn't do that.

Now, unlike these people, I'm going to show my work. Here are the most virulent anti-Alvarez posts from the Yahoo! site where the news was announced, and the Doctor Saturday post that followed the announcement up. No names will be mentioned, but follow the links and you can see the posts in their entirety.,244181;_ylt=AsgaVlTdlqMuU8wi2Oiaa8_ynYl4?slug=ap-halloffame

From the Doctor Saturday page, and first in the pecking order: The First Anti-Alvarez Post of the Day!

Any "Hall of Fame" which would admit a complete lying, cheating bum like Barry Alvazez is a complete joke.

Wow. Followed by:

Clearly, the College Football Hall of Fame does not consider either the honesty, integrity, or morality of prospective members. If it did, it would never have admitted Barry Alvarez who lacks all three.

Stunning! Apparently, Wisconsin's into hiring Athletic Directors without a scrap of moral fiber in them. At least, that's what this particular poster would have you believe.

Next up:

What were the people at the College Football Hall of Fame smoking when they elected Barry Alvarez to anything???He is a thoroughly dishonest, contemptible man. For that matter, what were the people at the University of Wisconsin smoking when they hired him to begin with???His teams might have won a number of football games (and much of his record was padded with easy wins against non-competitive Division II and low level Division I teams), but, as a person, Alvarez is a striking example of just about every human characteristic you would not want in a coach, or someone involved with young people, or an educational institution.
The only Hall Alvarez should be elected to is a Hall of Shame.

Wait, what? The poster ignored the fact that Barry Alvarez was a unanimous selection to the College Football Hall of Fame. Those people DO pay a lot of attention to detail.

I admit I have a problem with BA scheduling weak teams, but every team does that (now more so than ever). Still, that in no way excuses the argument that, "Alvarez is a striking example of just about every characteristic you would not want in a coach".  Really? I think a lot of people WISH that Barry Alvarez had coached them up when they were in college.

I found myself laughing like a maniac at the next anti-Alvarez statement:

These posts are absolutely right. Barry Alvarez is the absolute worst.

Worst what, exactly?

You might notice a trend developing by now. People are accusing Alvarez without any proof or substance. Now, I have just a slight problem with this; if I'm going to see drivel like this, I'd better see some sort of proof. And I've seen NONE. Just a ton of negatively loaded language.

Now, a brilliant, well-written post (sarcasm):

Even before barry alvarez was lou holtz's bully at Notre Dame, he was the same sort of chearting, bullying goon for bob devaney at Nebraska who, in his day, was even more notorious as a cheat and a scoundrel than holtz later became in his. Nebraska finally could not stomach the cheating and loss of it reputation and good name any longer and was eventually able to get rid of devaney and put Dr. Tom Osbornein the job. Notre Dame - by the narrowest of margins and t the eleventh hour - was also finally able to get rid of holtz before he completely ruined the school's reputation. Sadly, Wisconsin has so far not been able to summon both the moral courage and the common sense to send alvarez packing, and its reputation as an honorable, honest, and upright institution of higher learning sinks lower with every day that a true, violent, abusive bum like alvarez remains Athletic Director.

I wish the person who posted this would have realized how close to slander this statement is. Wisconsin has not been able to summon the moral courage and common sense? Alvarez is a violent, abusive bum? When was that, exactly? This accusation lacks any sort of substance, and I find it hard to stomach as is. The spelling errors put this one over the top. Srsly, ppl. It's prety redikulous (yes, I'm talking crazy talk now).

(btw, if you're taking Maalox to handle the comments at this point, you may wish to take another dose. This one's hard to handle too.)

The rah-rah yahoos who think that a bum like Barry Alvarez is something special because of his football teams' won-loss record (and even that is as bogus as the rest of him because of the dozens of pushover teams he regularly scheduled year after year) are the same sort of morally myopic people who think that the banks did not cause the Great Recession, or that BP is completely blameless in the Gulf oil spill - so long as the banks are making money, they believe, everything they do is fine; so long as BP is making money, they believe, everything it does is fine; so long as good ol' Barry's teams are winning, everything is wonderful. And, for that matter, Lou Holtz is wonderful, Martenez at Michigan is wonderful, Calipari at Kentucky is wonderful, Calhoun at UConn is wonderful. Isn't it great to have a coache who will stoop to any low practice or act to win one for the university. And the rah-rah yahoos easily ignore the cheating, the lies, the violence, the corruption, and the overriding selfishness which all of these men bring to how they conduct their lives, and their jobs. But college athletic victories do not amount to much if someone cheats and lies and bullies to achieve them. Nor is the reputation or the good name of the university in any way enhanced. And the real tragedy of intercollegiate athletics in America today is the large number of people in positions of responsibility in athletics who neither believe nor practice this ethic. Barry Alvarez, morally challenged as he has been since the day he was born, is a graphic example of this very lack, and of all that is wrong

It is my belief that this person has no idea what he's talking about. I sincerely hope he (or she) was being sarcastic when he called Calipari and Calhoun "wonderful". To my knowledge, Alvarez has no hand in the Big Ten schedule (if he did, he would NEVER schedule Michigan right off the bat), and the Big Ten schedule accounts for two thirds of the games Wisconsin plays nowadays. It used to be three quarters of the schedule, before the 4th nonconference game was added. But that's not the point. The point seems to be that people in intercollegiate athletics have no morals whatsoever (which Jim Boeheim would likely slap this person upside the head for saying), but this person goes on to trash Barry Alvarez as "morally challenged since the day he was born". Ouch.

The only thing which he is a champion of is being a complete loser as a human being.

Did someone get fired at the UW Athletic Department, or am I hallucinating?

Alvarez is a total scoundrel - a bully, a cheat, a liar, an all-around jerk with more than a touch of what ails Tiger Woods in him. Any sane parent would not want their young son or daughter to have anything to do with him. Even at the Athletic Department today you would be hard pressed to find anyone who, in private, has a good thing to say about him.

Well, I sure hope the person who posted is in no way affiliated with the University of Wisconsin...

The pro-barry alvarez posts are even more disgusting. And are remarkably shallow and poorly informed.
They seem to come exclusively from rah-rah types whose fragile egos hang by the slender thread of whether or not their college football teams win more games than they lose. And that is genuinely sad, because when you go over the list of what is important in life, winning football games is not on any mature and responsible person's list. And winning them by cheating, or by being dishonest, or doing so in the course of being an abusive and thoroughly undesirable human being is tragic and sad, especially if it tarnishes a university in any way. That was Lou Holtz's horse manure at Notre Dame (and every other place he has coached); that was John Calipari baloney at UMASS and Memphis; that was Bob Devaney's crap at Nebraska; and that is what alvarez has brought to the University of Wisconsin by the bucket full. Do your homework. Open your eyes.

My eyes *are* open, but not to what this person wants them to be open to.

At the end of the day, these people have had their say. Regrettably, they have had their say. I believe that people are entitled to their opinions, but these people have chosen to do so in an exceptionally negative way that in no way convinces me that Barry Alvarez is a disgrace to the University of Wisconsin.

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