Here they are! My 2009 Big Ten Predictions

Drum roll, please... My 2009 Big Ten Predictions are here!  I know, you haven't been this excited since P.J. Hill rushed for two touchdowns the other night.

First, a little disclaimer. It may seem crazy, but this is how I do these predictions: I literally sit down with a Big Ten pocket schedule and predict the entire season in about five minutes using nothing but my gut feeling. I'm not trying to beat the Vegas odds makers here. It's just fun to look back at the predictions in December to see how I did.

So, after five minutes of mind boggling, in-depth college football thought, here are my 2009 Big Ten Predictions:

1. Ohio State (7-1 Big Ten, 10-2 overall)

Wins: Navy, vs. Toledo, Illinois, at Indiana, Wisconsin, at Purdue, Minnesota, New Mexico State, Iowa, at Michigan

Losses: USC, at Penn State

2. Penn State (6-2, 10-2)

Wins: Akron, Syracuse, Temple, Iowa, at Illinois, Eastern Illinois, Minnesota, at Michigan, Ohio State, Indiana

Losses: at Northwestern, at Michigan State

3. Wisconsin (5-3, 9-3)

Wins: Northern Illinois, Fresno State, Wofford, Michigan State, Iowa, Purdue, at Indiana, Michigan, at Hawaii

Losses: at Minnesota, at Ohio State, at Northwestern

3. Michigan State (5-3, 8-4)

Wins: Montana State, Central Michigan, Michigan, Northwestern, Iowa, Western Michigan, at Purdue, Penn State

Losses: at Notre Dame, at Wisconsin, at Illinois, at Minnesota

3. Illinois (5-3, 8-4)

Wins: vs. Missouri, Illinois State, Michigan State, at Indiana, at Purdue, Michigan, Northwestern, Fresno State

Losses: at Ohio State, Penn State, at Minnesota, at Cincinnati

6. Northwestern (4-4, 8-4)

Wins: Towson, Eastern Michigan, at Syracuse, Minnesota, Miami (Ohio), Indiana, Penn State, Wisconsin

Losses: at Purdue, at Michigan State, at Iowa, at Illinois

6. Iowa (4-4, 7-5)

Wins: Northern Iowa, Arizona, Arkansas State, Michigan, Indiana, Northwestern, Minnesota

Losses: at Iowa State, at Penn State, at Wisconsin, at Michigan State, at Ohio State

6. Minnesota (4-4, 7-5)

Wins: at Syracuse, Air Force, Wisconsin, Purdue, Michigan State, Illinois, South Dakota State

Losses: California, at Northwestern, at Penn State, at Ohio State, at Iowa

9. Michigan (2-6, 5-7)

Wins: Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Indiana, Delaware State, Purdue

Losses: Notre Dame, at Michigan State, at Iowa, Penn State, at Illinois, at Wisconsin, Ohio State

10. Purdue (1-7. 2-10)

Wins: Toledo, Northwestern

Losses: at Oregon, Northern Illinois, Notre Dame, at Minnesota, Ohio State, Illinois, at Wisconsin, at Michigan, Michigan State, at Indiana

10. Indiana (1-7, 2-10)

Wins: Eastern Kentucky, Purdue

Losses: Western Michigan, at Akron, at Michigan, Ohio State, at Virginia, Illinois, at Northwestern, at Iowa, Wisconsin, at Penn State

So I have Ohio State winning the conference again and Wisconsin finishing with an optimistic 9-3 record. Agree or disagree? Leave your predictions below!

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