Days 6-8 recap: Carimi injury not too serious

The news out of Badger camp stayed negative, following the accusations out of the Pleasant camp that Bielema treated Aubrey unfairly in his suspension and that "lawyers have been contacted", on Tuesday when junior left tackle Gabe Carimi injured his knee toward the end of practice.

Head Coach Bret Bielema posted on his twitter account after practice that "mild knee (injury) that will keep him out for less than two weeks." - Wisconsin Badgers football: Carimi suffers 'mild' knee injury...An account and report by Tom Mulhern of the injury.

Offensive line hurt again - JSOnline...Jeff Potrykus' report

Fall practice report No. 10 - (Tuesday)

"The Badgers were back to just one practice on Tuesday after holding two-a-days on Saturday and Monday (media day on Sunday meant no practice). The team was still in full pads though as they practiced for 27 periods, or roughly two and one half hours."

Practice report No. 8 & 9 - (Monday)

"The morning practice consisted of a number of "team" sessions (11-on-11), some skelly work and goal-line drills along with the usual position work. The team also practiced various special teams formations, including a kick-off drill where the JUGS passing machine emulated the kick-off. Back to receive for the Badgers were Nick Toon, Antonio Fenelus, David Gilreath and Isaac Anderson."

"Monday night’s practice also began with position drills including defensive pods, where two members of the defensive line match up against three offensive linemen to help recognize run blocks, the linebackers worked in one-on-one coverage against the running backs and offensive coordinator Paul Chryst got in on the action when the quarterbacks and receivers were working on end zone routes. Chryst, along with a few of the team’s managers, covered the receivers as they ran into the end zone."

Fall practice report Nos. 6 and 7 - (Saturday)

"Officials made their first appearance of fall camp during the morning session. They started during period seven as the team went to an 11-on-11 drill. While the twos were on the field, cornerback Aaron Henry was on the sidelines talking with the referee about what constitutes a pass interference call. Henry, a very physical cornerback, must not have gotten an answer he liked because he was called for that same penalty later in practice."

"The night practice lasted for 22 periods, or roughly two hours, and the first four periods were spent in individual drills. Wide receivers worked on pushing the blocking sled in a straight line, simulating downfield blocking. Wide receivers coach DelVaughn Alexander emphasized keeping your hips low and your hands below your eyes. The receiving corps also worked on keeping their feet in bounds by running out patterns starting from the numbers. Meanwhile, the linebackers worked with the running backs on 1-on-1 pass coverage


The most interesting report from camp comes from Mulhern, discussing the fact that redshirt freshman quarterback Curt Phillips has been doing quite well in fall camp: - Wisconsin Badgers football: Phillips first in QB rotation

Jeff Potrykus concurs:

Quarterback tussle is tight - JSOnline 

More news - Wisconsin Badgers football: Brown making case for more carries - Wisconsin Badgers football: Practice report - Wisconsin Badgers football: Friend's death created second thoughts for recruit

Player of the last three days: Nick Toon

"After sweeping the offensive plays of the day yesterday during two-a-days, Nick Toon gets the hat trick with another spectacular grab today. During the half-line skelly drill, Toon raced down the west sideline. The defender covering him fell down, forcing Toon to make a diving, over the shoulder catch which left him nearly parallel to the ground." (report from Tuesday)

Practice schedule: The Badgers are back for another two-a-day today, with the first at 9:30 AM and the second at 7:40 PM.

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